Client Focus

Quintas Business Centre’s key client focus points on a day to day basis can be summarised under the following headings:

Revenue Compliance

One of the main objectives for our clients is to ensure that they are compliant with the relevant revenue deadlines for all taxes at all times. The late submission or payment of any revenue tax can lead to substantial interest and penalties being applied by revenue and in some cases non-compliance can lead to a revenue audit. We issue regular updates to our clients of the compliance deadlines for VAT, PAYE and RCT and it is a standard procedure for us to issue up to date schedules of your liabilities with revenue so that there are no surprises at the year end.

Accurate and timely information

For any successful business the key to financial success is access to financial information. As part of our management accounts package we commit to reporting deadlines to our clients that are as close to the month/quarter end as possible. On average we would expect to issue management accounts to our clients within 4-6 weeks of the relevant month/quarter end. We can also implement a weekly/monthly flash report system within 3-5 days of the month-end which gives our clients a guide to the key financial performance indicators of the business whilst we are working on completing the relevant periods management accounts.

Professional and Personal Service

At Quintas Business Centre our dedicated team work hard every day to improve the service that we provide to our clients. We are aware of the problems faced by our clients due to all of the regulation and administration involved in operating a business in today’s economy. We strive to support our clients and we feel that due to the fact that we are in regular daily, weekly and monthly contact with our clients that this will allow us to build up a close working relationship. We provide a professional and experienced service as our team is lead mainly by qualified accountants who are supported by a mix of part-qualified and trainee accountants.

Client Agreement and Commitments

As part of our business relationship we will compile a document which will set out in simple terms what we will be responsible for, when we will complete this work and what our expectations of the requirements of our clients will be so that we can work closely with you to achieve the goals that are important to your business. As part of this agreement we will advise you of the staff that have been allocated to your account so that you can contact a designated person(s) at anytime should you require any help or if you have a small problem that can be resolved over the phone.


As a business that has grown rapidly ourselves over the last number of years we are very much aware of the challenges that a business will encounter in the current environment. We are also aware that no two clients are the same and we will tailor our services to meet the needs and requirements of each individual business. We understand that for some clients the current climate maybe affecting their business and we would be confident that our team can provide support and value that will help our clients monitor the financial performance and cashflow of their business.